Welcome to the website for Guthrie Park Community Center!
We are a 501 C-3 non-profit organization. 

(Global Culture Center dba: Guthrie Park)
Our purpose is to promote cultural events such as music, art and dancing.   We also provide a welcoming place for the community to gather and socialize.  Click on the Events tab for information on our regularly scheduled events. 

The Friday Night Music Jam Sessions will resume on July 10, 2020.

(Subject to change depending on future COVID guidelines/restrictions)

Please adhere to the following requests until further notice:

- Do not attend if you are sick with a cough, fever, sore throat, etc.

- Do not attend if you are at high risk of getting the COVID virus.

- Wearing a mask is recommended unless you are a musician/singer.

- FOOD/Snacks/coffee/tea will not be served.   You can bring your own snacks and drinks but food cannot be shared.   Utensils will not be provided.

- All attendees should keep at least 6 feet apart.  Including musicians.   

Families can sit in groups.

- Maximum capacity will be 40 people.   If we get over that number then 

​management will have the right to ask people to wait outside or leave.

"First come, first serve".

- A minimum donation of $1 per person, per jam session, is requested to cover the maintenance and operations of Guthrie Park.

The 3rd Saturday Gospel Jam will resume on July 18, 2020 with the

same requests as has been given for the Friday Night Jam Sessions. 

(Subject to change depending on future COVID guidelines/restrictions)

For information on other events held at Guthrie Park please contact the

people that are running the event.   That information can be found by

clicking on the EVENT or CALENDAR Tab.


Thank you for visiting.   We hope to see you at one of our regular events!