Guthrie Park is only occasionally available to rent.  Please refer to the interactive Calendar (Calendar tab) for available dates.

Things you'll need to know if you're considering renting:

*Guthrie Park has a maximum occupancy of 125 people.  However if there are tables set up on the floor the maximum occupancy is 80 people.
*The charge for renting Guthrie Park is $100.00 per hour, with a maximum charge of $400.00 for a whole day.  Rent must be paid in cash.  Rates may be negotiable for charitable and educational organizations.
*A $100.00 deposit (separate from the rental fee) is to be paid in advance to confirm a reservation. The deposit also serves as a cleaning and damage deposit and is refundable, provided all the rules on the application for the use of Guthrie Park are followed.    
*Alcohol/Controlled substances are NOT allowed on the premises.
*Renters are required to provide their own liability insurance coverage of at least $500,000.00.  This would be an additional endorsement added to your own homeowners/renters insurance.  A copy of the endorsement needs to be provided to Guthrie Park at least 30 days prior to the date of the rental.

There is a regularly scheduled event held on Friday evenings therefore Guthrie is never available to rent on Fridays.    

For further information or to make a reservation contact Sally at 503-623-0874 or at